imageKuCoin is kind of like a crypto casino offering just about anything you can do with crypto, under one platform. Most recently they have rolled out an AI Trading bot, among being the first exchange for many new currencies. As they like to say"Find the next crypto gem on KuCoin!". Use Code: QBSSSUDF for a welcome gift.Check Out Kucoin
imageCoinbase is one of the more traditional exchanges and easily the most recognized name early on. One might call it the "Robinhood for Crypto" as it enabled anyone, regardless of your crypto knowledge, to buy crypto without having a traditional wallet. As a bonus, you’ll get $10 in free Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more in cryptocurrency through the link below.Check Out Coinbase
imageGiven their OG status for changing how traditional stocks are traded, they deserved a spot on here. Originally known for enabling anyone to trade commission free, robinhold enabled you to trade crypto in the same fashion with no complicated wallet addresses, just buy and sell.View the Robinhood App
Letsexchange exchange any Crypto Any regionI recently discovered LetsExchange and I wish I discovered the site ealiar. It's pretty unique in the sense that it lets you swap crypto to another crypto, along with across crypto networks, like Ethereum to Bianane Smart Chain. You select the amount you want to convert, enter the address you want to receive the new crypto currency at, and then LetsExchange provides an address for you to send the original currency to and poof it's done and the new currency is in the wallet your provided!Swap on LetsExchange Now!
imageFrom the legend @Jack, yes the CEO of Twitter! One of the simplest user interfaces to send money(and now crypto) to friends and family!Download Cash App
imageLedger is dominating the crypto hardware wallet game on so many levels. Besides having a military grade security chip guarding your crypto, they have rolled out some amazing features and partnerships, like Ledger Live and the Ledger CL Card, to get the most out of your crypto, with top of the line security.Visit Ledger
imageunMineable is not only amazing for having a super simple, no code needed, way to mine crypto, but unMineable actually enables you to mine cryptocurrencies that are not mineable. Yes you heard that right you can mine unmineable currencies, find out with the link below an start mining. Plus mine on your Mac after you get started through unMineable. Reduce your mining fee to 0.75% with the code "q3cp-cseh".
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imageAre you running a whole bunch of miners and looking for a proper interface to see what is going on? HiveOn provides everything I was looking for, and trust Dyl-I-Y has a high standard so HiveOn really delivered when it come to deploying, monitoring, and managing mining rigs.
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Services I Stand By(and owe for saving time)

imageMailerLite has gained a much deserved place as one of the best marketing email providers. Their features, user interface and not to mention their uncomparable automatic flow interface, set themselves apart. They make it very easy to scale up at a reasonable cost, where you are not nickeled and dimed.Check Out MailerLite
imageI started using 1Password around 5 years ago and I have never looked back sense. Once updating all of my passwords to their secure standard I have never felt more secure about all of my different online logins. It my most worthwhile subscription to date!Check Out 1Password
imageWhat bettter example then this website...yes this teh Dyl-I-Y DIY website was made using TeleortHQ's beta website builder. Every proudct has its learning durver, but this website was done and integrated with Amazon AWS in less than a week! I highly recommend as the best bridge fo code and no-code website building.Try out TeleportHQ Website Builder
imageNamecheap has been my go to for buying domain names purley given how much cheaper they are than any domain marketplace like GoDaddy or any other large domain site out there. On average I pay for $9 a domain through NameCheap, which would be $39 though GoDaddy. What can you lose by comparing the next time you go to buy a domain.Visit