August 18 2023

Arkreen: Pioneering Green Energy's Journey

Arkreen fuses "Ark" and "green," symbolizing a future-forward ark for aggregating and transporting green energy data. It's a web3-powered hub that connects and monetizes global renewable energy resources, catalyzing carbon-reduction solutions.

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Arkreen DePIN Renewable Solar Energy NetworkArkreen, a fusion of "Ark" and "green," signifies a revolutionary endeavor in the realm of sustainable energy. This web3-driven network operates as a digital conduit for renewable energy's voyage into the future, fundamentally altering the landscape of energy connection and utilization.

On the Supply Side, Arkreen Network empowers renewable energy producers to quantify their electricity generation, storage, and consumption. In return, the network rewards these contributors. From owners of solar photovoltaic equipment to households that practice on-demand energy conservation, Arkreen unites diverse stakeholders in the pursuit of a greener future.

Meanwhile, the Demand Side leverages Arkreen Network to access electricity data, forging applications and services like Renewable Energy Certificate issuance and Virtual Power Plants. Participants such as REC issuers, VPP operators, and Green Computation leaders harness this data for pioneering advancements in the renewable energy sector.

Fueling Arkreen Network's innovation is an amalgamation of transformative technologies. Built on the pillars of IoT, AI, blockchain, and token economics, the network achieves a symbiotic relationship between physical energy facilities and their digital counterparts. Blockchain safeguards data integrity, while the token economy incentivizes energy producers and consumers, fostering a harmonious ecosystem of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).

With a decentralized ethos, Arkreen Network aspires to construct this transformative infrastructure from the ground up. It achieves this by encouraging climate-focused actors in renewable energy to participate, incentivizing collective efforts through innovative technologies. The result is a resilient and bottom-up approach to revolutionizing global energy landscapes.

The Remote Miner

A Remote Miner is the future of fractional mining, operating seamlessly from a distance. Acting as an IoT data collector, it's strategically linked to energy facilities like solar farm inverters. Through this ingenious setup, the energy facility's immense capacity is partitioned into multiple units of 0.1kW each, all actively participating in the cutting-edge Arkreen Network. In the initial Phase 1 testnet, a Remote Miner diligently mines tAKRE tokens, transitioning to AKRE upon the Phase 1 mainnet launch. As a testament to ownership, a distinctive Remote Miner NFT is minted for every unit purchased.

Two Distinct Types of Remote Miners in Phase 0:

Type 1: Acquired through gAKRE, these Remote Miners mark a groundbreaking entry into the ecosystem.
Type 2: A versatile category encompassing Remote Miners procured or applied for via diverse avenues. This could entail purchases using USDC or applications facilitated by exclusive coupons.

Arkreen Network RoadmapPhase 1), the Remote Miner landscape shifts, spotlighting Type 2 as the singular Remote Miner variant. Step into the world of energy transformation and blockchain innovation, as Arkreen Network continues to reshape the future of decentralized energy mining.With Phase 1's advent(see the : Currently on

The Standard Miner(s)

Arkreen Network Standard Solar Panel Miner Order DongleArkreen Standar Miner Dongle
Arkreen Network Standard Solar Panel Miner CT Meter OrderArkreen Standard CT Meter
Step into the future of the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN) industry with Standard Miners – cutting-edge hardware data capturing devices that revolutionize energy facility management. Seamlessly integrate these devices into your existing home, office, facilities, or solar farms, to harness green energy data and play a pivotal role in the development of the groundbreaking Arkreen Network.

Key Features of Standard Miners:

Seamless Integration: Connect effortlessly to your energy facility, kickstarting the data collection process.
Participation Power: Join forces in building the innovative Arkreen Network by contributing to green energy data accumulation.
Dual Mining Journey: In Phase 1 testnet, Standard Miners mine tAKRE tokens, transitioning to AKRE tokens upon the Phase 1 mainnet launch. tAKRE mined during Akreen Networks testnet phase will be transitioned over to AKRE.
NFT Tokenized: A unique Standard Miner NFT is minted for each device during the manufacturing process.
Personalized Ownership: Upon miner on-boarding, the Standard Miner NFT is seamlessly transferred to the owner, cementing their role in the DePIN ecosystem.

Elevate your solar panel energy management with Standard Miners and their transformative capabilities. Embrace the journey towards a more sustainable, decentralized, and efficient DePIN industry with Arkreen Network as your guide.

Why Problem Does Arkreen Solve?

Arkreen Network aims to solve the problem of connecting and monetizing globally-distributed renewable energy resources in a decentralized manner. It seeks to address the challenges of carbon reduction and sustainable energy by creating a web3-powered digital infrastructure that allows both the supply and demand sides of the energy ecosystem to benefit from renewable energy production, consumption, and data utilization.

Why Polygon Network? 

Akreen Network's choice to build on the Polygon blockchain is likely based on several factors. Polygon is known for its scalability solutions and aims to provide a more efficient and cost-effective environment for decentralized applications. By leveraging Polygon, Arkreen Network could potentially achieve faster transaction speeds and lower fees, making it more feasible to implement the token-incentivized data and connectivity infrastructure they envision for the mobility sector. However, for the most accurate and up-to-date information, I recommend visiting Arkreen Network's official resources or announcements regarding their choice of blockchain platform.Scalability: Polygon is known for its scalability solutions, offering faster transaction speeds and lower fees compared to some other blockchain networks. This could be particularly advantageous for Arkreen Network, especially if they are dealing with a high volume of data and transactions related to renewable energy resources and carbon reduction.

Ecosystem Support: Polygon has a growing ecosystem of projects, tools, and developer resources. By building on Polygon, Arkreen Network might benefit from access to a supportive community, readily available developer tools, and potential collaborations with other projects in the ecosystem.

Interoperability: Polygon is designed to be compatible with Ethereum, allowing projects to bridge assets and applications between the two networks. If Arkreen Network aims to leverage the benefits of Ethereum's ecosystem while also benefiting from Polygon's scalability, this interoperability could be a key factor in their decision.

User Experience: The improved user experience on Polygon, including faster confirmation times and reduced gas fees, could make it more attractive for participants and users of the Arkreen Network platform.

Environmental Considerations: If Arkreen Network is focused on eco-friendly solutions and renewable energy, they might have chosen Polygon due to its Proof of Stake (PoS) architecture, which consumes less energy compared to Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains.

Getting Started With Akreen

Arkreen Website:
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Standard Miner(Preorder Now)
AREC Console(Climate Badge and Redemption for ART)
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