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Check out our latest coverage on Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network projects. For each project we give an overview on what the project is, what Industry it it contributing to, or revolutionizing, the basis for building on the blockchain network it is on, the upfront cost of buying or building a node and the energy consumption of the hardware device for that project.Explore DePIN Discounts

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Get Grass Earn from your unused internet bandwidth
Jan 8, 2024
Unlock passive income by leveraging your unused internet bandwidth with Grass. Your internet connection comes with a monthly bandwidth allowance, and Grass transforms the unused portion into a valuable asset. Seamlessly running in the background of your devices, Grass facilitates the automatic sale of your surplus bandwidth to others. Create an account, add the Chrome Browser extension and effortlessly earn from a resource you didn't realize had untapped potential. Referral Code: UEhNfqTmOTDIBkH
Contribute to Grass
Jan 4, 2024
MetaBlox revolutionizes WiFi connectivity by introducing a decentralized protocol that eliminates the need for repetitive log-ins and registrations, creating a seamless global WiFi OpenRoaming network. Users that add Public & Private WiFi networks to the Metablox app are rewarded in mPoints for their network contribution Referral code: 12380417Download the Metablox AppRead more about Metablox
2Blox DePIN MobiGO earn rewards by helping inform local traffic data
Dec 29, 2023
MobiGO facilitates efficient communication between residents and local governments, offering structured insights from AI-processed traffic data for impactful urban planning. MobiGO's AI-driven approach goes beyond merely presenting traffic data as numbers. It transforms this data into a clear roadmap for enhancing urban mobility and safety. The app is completely free to download and use, ensuring that the advantages of informed urban planning are accessible to everyone. 
Referral Code(add under "Profile" -> "Referral"):  c679c27d-c6a0-4fb5-9547-bad90136a99d
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