The Deeper Connect Pico - Why you should use their decentralized private network(DPN) and how to earn $DPR crypto mining rewards in the process

TLDR; Step By Step Guide To Mine $DPR:

The Difference Between a DPN and a VPN

In the last 2 years VPNs(Virtual Private Networks) have gotten very popular. A VPN used to be rather complex and was first used in the form of TORE by the military to mask IP addresses, among other features. Most commonly people will use them to change or mask their location. One use can be to access a site that is restricted in your region, or to view content on a site like Netflix which only offers certain shows in certain regions. However, with a VPN though, you have to trust the provider where all of your data is going through. If they are selling your browsing or location data, there is no point in using their VPN and arguably you are further away from your intent of privacy by using their service. When it comes to a DPN it is decentralized, and your data is your data. No worrying about a company using your data behind your back and selling. In this case, the largest difference you'll see from the Deeper DPN compared to a VPN, is the DPN enables you to earn money through $DPR, Deeper Networks token, mining rewards. If you are thinking, "I want to get a DPN right now!" head to, compare Deeper Devices and order one and then come back here to continue!

What makes Deeper DPN unique?

Besides Deeper Connects core browsing private network features, it enables you to earn rewards in $DPR Crypto currency. You can do this all with a minimum of 1000DPR( Present value of 1DPR is $0.062386 USD) $6.23(On April 18th 2022). See more below on the full requirements of mining DPR in the section below.

How to buy $DPR Token for Deeper Network Mining & Staking

Flooz has been my go to way to get $DPR along with any Binance Smart Chain token swap I need to make. I like their interface a lot and its been the most affordable and quickset route for me! While on the topic of Flooz, they launched a token called SYA x Flooz, which might be worth checking out.How to buy $DPR Token for Deeper Network Mining and StakingSwap For $DPR

How to Mine and Stake $DPR

To start mining DPR with your Deeper Connect Pico, the minimum requirements is 1000DPR( Present value of 1DPR is $0.062386 USD) $6.23(On April 18th 2022). When setting up your Pico DPN please note it will be way more affordable to set up on Binance Smart Chain instead of Ethereum Mainnet. The transaction fees will be a few cents instead of fifty or so dollars. As of now, once you set up on one chain you cannot switch.

One note to make for mining is you will not start earning mining rewards until you have a “Current User Credit” of 100. In other words if you stake the minimum of 1,000DPR it will take a few days(about 2 weeks or so) to build up your reputation score to 100 Current User Credit, and then you will start earning rewards. On the other hand if you have staked 5,000DPR( Present value of 1DPR is $0.062386 USD) $31.15(On April 18th 2022) or more, you will start with 100 Current User Credit and will be earning 2.74 DPR each day.
Deeper Mining Staking & Rewards With Credit Score Matrix ChartThe chart above shows the full daily earnings of DPR based on how much you have staked on chain and your current user credit score. It may be a bit confusing, but you do not actually earn partial points for a DPR staked level between tiers. E.x 2,000DPR will earn you a Credit Score of 0, you need 5,000DPR/Credit Score of 100+ to earn mining rewards.

Buy A Deeper Network Device

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Use the list of features to compare the Deeper Decentralized Private Network devices above, to find the best DPN for your WiFi.