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Check out our latest coverage on Decentralized Infrastucture Projects. For each project we give an overview on what the project is, what Industry it it contributing to, or revolutionizing, the basis for building on the blockchain network it is on, the upfront cost of buying or building a node and the energy consumption of the hardware device for that project.Explore All DePIN Projects

Our latest DePIN Discounts

Dyl-I-Y has worked with a mix of partner projects to source exclusive discounts and hardware deals for a variety of emerging, and prominent projects innovating in the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks(DePIN) space. Be sure to check out our project reviews page to see how they score on our evaluation criteria and which makes the most sense for you to start contributing to.Explore All DePIN Discounts
Gaga Node Bandwidth DePIN-Part of Meson Network Referral Bonus Link
GaGaNode: Empowering Home Bandwidth for Web3.0GaGaNode introduces a decentralized residential IP and bandwidth marketplace, utilizing Web3.0 technology to counter the global IPv4 shortage. By repurposing idle electronics, users can seamlessly join the Web3 network, reducing the need for new mining equipment and revolutionizing the accessibility of home bandwidth resources.Set Up A GagaNode(Code: hbaaywuahfleald)
Soar Chain- Empowering Mobility with Blockchain - DEPIN For Mobility Data
Soar Chain: Empowering Mobility with Blockchain
Soar Chain is a specialized blockchain, designed to meet mobility needs. It's a Layer 1 Cosmos SDK network, incentivizing data and connectivity infrastructure for decentralized mobility applications. Experience an ecosystem revolutionizing transportation for efficiency, affordability, and sustainability. Code(10% Off DePINOrder a MOTUS Mini or Pro
Meson Network - DePIN Network Bandwidth Infrastructure
2Blox: Collect Mobility Data and Improve your Environment
2Blox revolutionizes urban data collection by engaging communities in sensor deployment. These sensors analyze traffic patterns, benefiting public services, businesses, and emergency response coordination. Data is securely stored on the blockchain and exchanged on the 2Blox platform, offering monetization opportunities.Order a 2Blox Sensor
Meson Network - DePIN Network Bandwidth Infrastructure
PKTPal: Solving the Guest WiFi Dilemma
PKTPal is on a mission to bridge the digital divide by developing software and hardware solutions to empower businesses to effortlessly earn through offering secure guest WiFi, while also connecting underserved communities to free and secure internet through open mesh networking and cutting-edge technologies. Extra 5% off all PKTPal Devices
Code: depin
Order a PKT Miner
Meson Network - DePIN Network Bandwidth Infrastructure
Deeper DPN: Decentralized Private Browsing Reimagined
Deeper's Decentralized Private Network(DPN) has multi use as a node operator, supporting thier network, as well as enable your entire home or office network to be decentralized. Lastly, you can freely travel with their variety of devices(Pico Mini, Pico) and securely connect your personal laptop to a decentralized network, while on the go or traveling.Order a Deeper DPN