August 18 2023

Deeper DPN: Unlocking the World Wide Web, Securely and Seamlessly

Deeper, powered by the Polkadot blockchain, pioneers secure internet access with its Decentralized Private Network (DPN). DPN redefines online privacy by enabling devices to serve as both clients and servers, dynamically changing IP addresses based on routing rules. With multi-routing and smart routing capabilities, Deeper Connect provides users with high-speed, unrestricted internet access across the globe, while maintaining control over their online experience through customized routing options.

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Deeper DPN Decentralized Virtual Network MapIn the dynamic realm of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN), Deeper Connect is making waves with its innovative approach. In the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), each device assumes a dual role as both client and server, and their IP addresses seamlessly adapt according to routing rules, ensuring privacy and security.

Deeper Connect boasts the remarkable ability to establish up to 16 tunnels simultaneously, connecting users to nodes across the globe. This multi-routing prowess empowers Deeper Connect devices to access content from any corner of the world, delivering lightning-fast speeds without relying on centralized servers. Picture this: streaming your favorite European show while scouring the internet for U.S. flight deals, all in real-time. Deeper Connect makes it possible.

But that's not all – the brilliance of Smart Routing takes center stage. By intelligently bypassing geographic content restrictions, it opens up a world of possibilities. Automatically connecting you to countries worldwide, Smart Routing ensures you always have the fastest tunnel at your disposal. For instance, whether you're simultaneously accessing content from Europe and Asia, Smart Routing effortlessly links you to the speediest servers in each region.

And the control is in your hands – customize your online experience by selecting specific websites to access through personally chosen locations. With Deeper Connect, the world is your digital playground, and geographic boundaries no longer limit your online endeavors.

Order a Deeper DPN

Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Order a MOTUS ProDeeper PicoPrice: $149(Was $249)
CPU: ARM64 4 Core
Max Bandwidth: 100Mbps
Memory: 512MB
Weight: 50G
Rewards: DPR Staking
Setup: Plug and Play(Ready to use)
WiFi Adapter: Included
ORder a Deeper Pico
Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Order a MOTUS ProDeeper MiniPrice: $199(Was $359)
CPU: ARM64 4 Core
Max Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Memory: 2GB
Weight: 172G
Rewards: DPR Staking
Setup: Plug and Play(Ready to use)
WiFi Adapter: Included
ORder a Deeper Mini
Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Order a MOTUS MiniDeeper DPR Mini SEPrice: $129(Was $269)
CPU: ARM64 4 Core
Max Bandwidth: 500Mbps
Memory: 2GB
Weight: 172G
Rewards: DPR Staking
Setup: Plug and Play(Ready to use)
WiFi Adapter: Not Included
Order A Deeper Mini Se
All 3 of the Deeper DPN Devices come with the following features:
DPN(Decentralized Private Network)
Ad Blocking
Plug and Play(Ready to use)
Advanced Cybersecurity
Parental Control Settings
IoT Device Protection

How the DPN Works

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity: In a DPN, each device within the network serves as both a client and a server. This means that devices can directly communicate with each other without the need for intermediaries or centralized servers.

Dynamic IP Addressing: DPN devices have the capability to automatically change their IP addresses based on routing rules. This dynamic IP addressing enhances privacy and security by making it more challenging for third parties to track and monitor the activities of individual devices.

Tunnels for Communication: DPN devices can establish secure communication channels, often referred to as "tunnels," between themselves. These tunnels facilitate the exchange of data and information while maintaining privacy and encryption.

Multi-Routing: DPN devices, like Deeper Connect, have the capacity to create multiple tunnels concurrently. These tunnels can connect to nodes located in various parts of the world. This multi-routing capability enables devices to access content from diverse locations simultaneously.

Content Access: DPN's multi-routing feature empowers users to access online content without being restricted by geographical limitations. For example, a user can stream content from Europe while simultaneously browsing websites or accessing services from the United States, all within the same session.

Smart Routing: DPN often incorporates smart routing algorithms. These algorithms assess the available routes and select the fastest one based on the user's needs and the location of the content. For instance, if a user is accessing content from both Europe and Asia, the smart routing system will automatically connect to the fastest server in each respective region.

Customization: DPN users can often customize their network preferences. This might include selecting specific websites or services to be accessed through personally chosen locations or routes, providing greater control over their online experience.

The DPN revolutionizes network architecture by decentralizing communication, enhancing privacy, enabling multi-routing for faster and more flexible content access, and offering intelligent routing options. It empowers users to have more control over their online activities while maintaining a high level of security and efficiency.

DPN Vs. VPN Cost Savings

Deeper DPN Versus Traditional VPN Cost SavingsExample savings from using a Deeper DPN instead of a Virtual Private Network(VPN) subscription service

$DPR Staking Mining

DPR Staking Mining is a cornerstone feature of the Deeper Connect ecosystem. Users can participate by staking their DPR tokens, contributing to the network's security and stability. In return, participants are rewarded with additional DPR tokens. This innovative approach not only fosters a strong and engaged community but also ensures the reliability and resilience of the Deeper Connect network. It's a win-win scenario, where users can earn rewards while actively supporting the decentralized internet connectivity. revolution.

Micropayments in the Deeper Connect ecosystem enable users to share bandwidth and earn DPR tokens. The rate of shared data to DPR is 1 Tb = 1 DPR, making it cost-effective. A portion of 0.2 DPR is reserved for 7-8 days to cover tunnel payments, with unused amounts returned to the wallet. Users gain 1 credit point by sharing over 10 Mb of daily traffic for 2 consecutive days, organically increasing their credit score, which can reach up to 800 points from 0 by staking DPR as per current DPR staking rules.
DPR Staking Mining Checklist

What Problem Does Deeper Solve?

Privacy and Security: Traditional internet connections often lack robust privacy and security measures, leaving users vulnerable to data breaches, surveillance, and cyberattacks. Deeper Connect solves this problem by implementing decentralized, peer-to-peer communication and dynamic IP addressing, enhancing online privacy and security.

Geographical Content Restrictions: Many online services and platforms restrict access based on a user's geographical location. Deeper Connect's multi-routing and smart routing capabilities empower users to bypass these restrictions, accessing content from anywhere in the world, thus eliminating a common limitation.

Centralized Servers: Traditional internet networks often rely on centralized servers, making them susceptible to downtime, congestion, and data bottlenecks. Deeper Connect's decentralized architecture reduces reliance on central servers, leading to more reliable and efficient internet access.

Complex VPN Setup: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can be challenging to set up and configure for the average user. Deeper Connect simplifies the process by providing a user-friendly solution that does not require in-depth technical knowledge.

High Costs: High costs associated with VPN services and centralized network solutions can be a barrier to secure and private internet access. Deeper Connect offers an affordable alternative, democratizing access to enhanced online security and privacy.

Limited User Control: Traditional networks often limit user control over routing and data access. Deeper Connect's customization options enable users to tailor their internet experience to their preferences, ensuring greater control and flexibility.

Global Connectivity: In an increasingly interconnected world, users require access to content and services from around the globe. Deeper Connect's multi-routing and smart routing enable users to seamlessly connect to servers in various regions, promoting global connectivity.

Deeper Connect tackles the challenges of privacy, security, content access restrictions, reliance on centralized servers, complex VPN setups, high costs, limited user control, and the need for global connectivity. By offering a decentralized, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution, Deeper Connect empowers users to take control of their online experience while addressing these pressing issues.

Why Polkadot Blockchain? 

Interoperability: Polkadot is renowned for its interoperability features, allowing Deeper to seamlessly connect with other blockchains and parachains within the Polkadot ecosystem. This interoperability enables Deeper to access a wider range of services and collaborate with other projects, fostering innovation and growth.

Scalability: Polkadot's architecture is designed for scalability. As Deeper Connect continues to grow and expand its user base, it can leverage Polkadot's scalability solutions to accommodate increased demand without compromising performance.

Security: Polkadot employs robust security mechanisms, including the Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus algorithm. Building on Polkadot ensures that Deeper Connect benefits from a secure and reliable blockchain infrastructure, vital for maintaining user privacy and data integrity.

Cross-Chain Communication: Polkadot's focus on cross-chain communication allows Deeper to interact with other blockchains and assets easily. This capability is especially valuable for Deeper Connect, which may need to interact with various blockchain networks and assets to provide comprehensive services to its users.

Governance and Upgrades: Polkadot's governance model enables token holders to participate in decision-making processes, including protocol upgrades and parameter changes. Deeper can actively engage in the governance of the network, ensuring that its needs and priorities are considered in the evolution of the blockchain.

Ecosystem Support: Being part of the Polkadot ecosystem means access to a vibrant and growing community of developers, projects, and users. This ecosystem support can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and increased adoption of Deeper's services.

Cross-Parachain Integration: Polkadot's parachain architecture allows Deeper Connect to have its own dedicated parachain. This independence ensures that Deeper has full control over its blockchain functionalities while benefiting from the security and interoperability of the Polkadot network.

Customization: Polkadot provides a flexible framework for building custom blockchains. Deeper can tailor its parachain to suit the specific requirements of its decentralized network, ensuring that it can provide secure and private internet access according to its unique vision.

Cross-Chain Asset Transfers: Polkadot allows for the seamless transfer of assets between different blockchains within its ecosystem. This feature can enable Deeper to support various cryptocurrencies and assets, enhancing its versatility and utility.

Building on the Polkadot blockchain network offers Deeper numerous advantages, including interoperability, scalability, security, cross-chain communication, governance, ecosystem support, cross-parachain integration, customization, and asset transfer capabilities. These benefits position Deeper Connect for continued growth and innovation within the decentralized internet connectivity space.

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