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How To Buy Kirobo's Token $KIRO on Ethereum or Polygon Network

What is Kirobo?
What is $KIRO?
How Can I Buy $KIRO?
How to Stake $KIRO?

Notable KIROBO Features

How to Buy $KIRO TL;DR

1. Head over to Bitrue(The exclusive exchange offering $KIRO exchange pairs)
2. If you don't already have an account, sign up for Bitrue.
3. Buy Crypto directly with a credit or debit card, or transfer in crypto(USDT or ETH) from another wallet or crypto exchange.
4. Once you have USDT, or ETH in your Bitrue account, head to "Exchange" and type in"KIRO" to find either the KIRO/USDT or KIRO/ETH pair (depending on which you currency you transferred in or bought on your Bitrue account) and make the exchange.
5. Congrats you have $KIRO!....but let's get it out of an exchange and into your wallet.
6. On the top menu, hover over "Assets" and click "Withdrawal", selecting $KIRO under the Coin/Token selector and input your Ledger Wallet, Metamask, or Kirobo Liquid Vault address.

What is KIROBO?

KIROBO is creating a decentralized financie application for crypto currencies that is as safe and convenient as traditional banking, with next generation features and fluid Web3 integration. Kirobo has already launched their own token, $KIRO with public roll out back in November 2021. Check out $KIRO price history through CoinMarketCap. Stirring up some buzz, KIROBO has already announced, if not already release some game changing features for Web 3. People often say game changing, but check out some of their notable feature below and see how they are changing, if not already changed Web3 for the better. All in all KIROBO has made a notable impact to prevent loss of crypto funds and roll out additional safety measures for secure sending and back up access.

What is $KIRO?

Back in November 2020, $KIRO was launched as KIROBO's native token. $KIRO is live on both the Ethereum and Polygon. As $KIRO will hopefully grow with the KIROBO platform you have some options and growing holders perks for their community members. As of February 1st 2022, 1 KIRO is worth $0.1951 USD.

How Can I Buy $KIRO?

Right now there are two main ways you can buy $KIRO. The first is through Bitrue Exchange, where you can find step by instructions above. If you are trying to avoid an exchange, Bitrue isn't allowed in your region, or you just don't need another account, then your move is a swap exchange. The suggested platforms are UniswapV2(Ethereum or Polygon Network), and PancakeSwap(Binance Smart Chain). you can also use your go-to swap site whether it be Polygon Wallet Swap or DexGuru, or something else, by inputting the token address for the respctive network. When doing this make sure you have the right token(often found on the companies site) as anyone can make a random token that is spelled similarly.

Should I buy $KIRO on Ethereum or Polygon Network?

Personally I have been exhausted from Ethereum Network gas fees, but it comes down to each person individually. As of today, February 2nd 2022, to make a token swap on Ethereum Network it would cost an average of $70.72( 0.026 ETH) which is still quite high, but nearly half of what the gass fees were in the end of 2021. On the flip side if you were to go through Polygon Matic it would cost an average of $0.04 (0.027 MATIC). Yes there is a big difference in cost when it comes to swapping. However, sometimes cheaper is not always better. Most of Kirobo features, including their signature Safe Send and Liquid Vault, is currently only offered on Ethereum Network. You can always use a bridge to move your assets from Polygon Network to Ethereum and Vice Versa.

How to Stake $KIRO?

You can stake your $KIRO directly on KIROBO's web app, with a current APY of 151%. Please note, despite KIROBO being an Israeli based company, you are currently restricted from staking $KIRO in Israeli and the United States. With more adoption of $KIRO and growing attention the outlets to stake $KIRO should increase with time!

Notable KIROBO Features

Liquid Vault: Your money is not leaving the vault.
Inheritance feature: Set a back up wallet that will send all of your digital assets to in the unfortunate event you pass away and do not want your crypto assets lost for ever.
Safe Send Feature: Have you ever sent crypto to the wrong address? Well you are actually part of the larger group, as many people mess up entering the long string of letters and numbers, that make up an address, that is not easy to remember.Kirobo has created a proprietary system that lets you set a pin that will ensure with the receipt the address is correct, before releasing the funds. In the event if no is enter wrong or the pin does not match up, the funds will stay with the original address, preventing loss of crypto funds.

Kirobo Liquid Vault

The Kirobo Liquid vault is a first of its kind proprietary wallet that enables you to access your digital assets fluidly for daily crypto and NFT use, while keeping them securely backed up.

Top Security & Support

With Kirobo's Liquid Vault, the first of its kind non-custodial on-chain wallet, your ERC-20 tokens and ERC-721(NFTs) are secured and can be seamlessly and safely connected to dapps.

Loss Protection

KIROBO's back-up and loss protection is like no other! When using their Liquid Vault you can set a back-up vault and parameters around when and if that backup vault should be sent your assets. In this case lets say the vault owner looses their physical Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet device, tied to their Kirobo Vault, their assets will be sent to their secondary wallet after the defined period of inactivity.

Early NFT Access

A few months ago KIROBO announced they were releasing an NFT and not just any ordinary art, they are bringing some amazing utility with reimbursed Ethereum gas fees. Each NFT will give you an allotted amount of gas reimbursement each month. There is more info to come but they have hinted the Kirobo Liquid Vault users will be the first to get access.

Send Some $KIRO:

$KIRO Address: 0xFDeF46384620B1F0E13b2fEA0f55550159f0BD39