Introducing the Ledger NANO X Coinbase Edition Hardware Wallet

Ledger Coinbase Edition Hardware Wallet
Ledger, the leaders of hardware wallet technology, have teamed up with the leading Crypto exchange, Coinbase to introduce the Ledger NANO X COINBASE EDITION Hardware Wallet. With full access to all of the core Ledger features, including Ledger Live, maximize what you can do with your crypto assets, all backed by Ledgers top of the line encryption and stamped with Coinbase's signature logo. via Ledger.comGet Yours Now

Sleek Limited Edition Design from Coinbase & Ledger

100 Apps At Once

With the Coinbase Ledger Nano X you can easily store up to 100 apps that integrate with your assets, at once. That is 97 more apps than the 3 apps that the Ledger Nano S supports.

5,500 Supported Crypto Currencies

Yes, 5,500 currencies! It is a lot of currencies and more than most people can even name but the Ledger Nano X can support anything from those main stream currencies to those up and coming crypto assets.

Intergrated Apps

Once you check out the Ledger Live Apps Catalog it might be a reason alone, to get a Ledger! With access to over 20 Ledger connected apps you can securely control and do more with your digital assets.

Bluetooth Integration

Safely and seamlessly connect your Ledger Hardware wallet to your phone via Bluetooth, to sign and approve transactions in moments.

Staking Support

With intergrated Ledger Live Apps like Lido users can stake their crypto currency. The unique feature of Lido Staking with traditional Eth Staking your assets are locked up for proof of stake until Eth2.0 comes out, with Lido you can transfer out and more or less be reimbursed for your staked assets.

Safest Hardware Wallet

The Ledger Nano X Coinbase Edition uses a Military grade security chip matched with a unique 24-word recovery phase which serves as a safeguard if your device is lost or stolen.

All Secured by Ledger

What do all of these amazing features have in common, besides themselves of course, they are all secured by the Ledger Wallet! Now most other wallets, mobile, cold, or hardware wallets, can talk about cool features, but they aren't backed by the same level of security.

CL Card Counterpart: Ledger Wallet

The hardware crypto wallet you've been looking for. Hint hint....On the Ledger CL Card Waitlist you are asked if you already own a Ledger Wallet, if you plan to get a Ledger, order a Ledger Wallet and then you can say "Yes" on the waitlist...maybe they will prioritize sending the CL Card early access to those with Ledger Wallets, as we will be able to utilize all of the features initially!
Ledger NanoX Features To Secure Crypto Needs WIth Ledger Live and CL Card Hardware Wallet

Leading Security

We can start with the Military grade security chip built into your Ledger Nano, but the real crypto & NFT asset protection comes from its unique 24-word recovery phase which serves as a safeguard if your device is lost or stolen. This can additionally be secured by a PIN Code to restrict device use in the wrong hands.

Ledger Live Integration

Through Ledger Live you can Buy, Exchange, and Lend Out assets securely and easily. In addition, you can utilize their connected Ledger Live Apps Catalog to access over 20 DeFi and Web3 integrations to make use of with your digital assets.

Integrated Apps

Quickly connect to a handful of apps through Ledger Live Apps Catalog, including Lido Staking , NFT Portfolio integration and even POAPs.

Staking & Growth

Through the Ledger Wallet you can stake your assets, earn rewards and collectively grow them, without your jeopardizing the security of your assets. Through Ledger you can even stake up to 7 coins at one time.
The Ledger CL Card Join the Waitlist for Visa and Baanx Crypto SpendingLedger NanoX Secure Hardware Wallet Buy Now