August 22 2023

Soarchain: Empowering Mobility with Blockchain

Soarchain is a specialized blockchain, designed to meet mobility needs. It's a Layer 1 Cosmos SDK network, incentivizing data and connectivity infrastructure for decentralized mobility applications. Experience an ecosystem revolutionizing transportation for efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

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Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Earn From your own carSoar Chain introduces a purpose-built blockchain tailored for mobility solutions. As a Layer 1 network on Cosmos SDK, it fosters a token-driven ecosystem for data and connectivity in the realm of mobility. Its native smart contracts empower decentralized applications that target mobility challenges, giving rise to a dynamic ecosystem that reimagines transportation.

This transformation is anchored in innovative concepts. Soar Chain disrupts the transportation landscape through a fully decentralized platform, reshaping how we navigate the world. From enhancing road safety and data acquisition to offering device management and usage-based insurance, Soar Chain places users at the helm, enabling them to directly influence their mobility experience.

At the heart of this evolution is the MOTUS device, an embodiment of innovation that seamlessly integrates vehicles into the Soar Chain network. This single plug-in device revolutionizes transportation, offering access to an array of applications and services with a simple connection.

As a sovereign app chain within the Cosmos SDK framework, Soar Chain ensures secure data collection and real-time decision-making. This purpose-specific Layer 1 solution lays the foundation for a future where data-driven mobility solutions flourish.

By securely storing and sharing vehicle data, Soar Chain facilitates a decentralized application ecosystem empowered by smart contracts. It's a paradigm shift in transportation, redefining the way we move and engage with mobility technologies.

Changing the Automotive Industry

Soarchain is disrupting the transportation realm with blockchain technology, offering a fully decentralized platform of applications to revolutionize how we get around. From improving road safety and data collection to providing the convenience of device management and pay-how-you-drive insurance, Soarchain allows users to be directly in control.

The MOTUS device is at the forefront of this innovation, connecting all cars to the Soarchain network with just a single plug-in unlocking access to an exciting array of applications and services. To set it up, you must plug a MOTUS device into your standard port for instantaneous access.

Soarchain, a sovereign app chain built on Cosmos SDK, is creating an environment where data can be securely collected, and real-time decisions can be made. Securely storing and sharing vehicle data enables a smart contract enabled decentralized application ecosystem.

Order a MOTUS

Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Order a MOTUS ProSoarchain MOTUS ProPrice: $749($199 Now $550 later)
Rewards: Motus Pro will have more rewards since it will have both V2V(Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2N(Vehicle to Network) rewards
Setup: OBD-2 port + Mobile Phone Linking
Connectivity: Built in Sim (Bluetooth coming soon)

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Soarchain DePIN Vehicle Mobility Data Order a MOTUS MiniSoarchain MOTUS MiniPrice: $80
Rewards: Only V2N(Vehicle to Network) rewards
Setup: OBD-2 Port + Mobile Phone Linking
Connectivity: Hotspot Required(Bluetooth coming soon)
ORder a MOTUS MiniGet 10% OFF(Code): DePIN

Why Problem Does Soarchain Solve?

Soarchain addresses the challenge of mobility within transportation. It aims to revolutionize the way people move by introducing a decentralized platform that offers various applications and services for enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability in transportation. By incentivizing data and connectivity, Soarchain tackles issues related to data collection, road safety, device management, and insurance, ultimately transforming the transportation industry.

Why Cosmos SDK Network? 

Soarchain's system is built on the Cosmos SDK network. It operates as a Layer 1 blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem, leveraging its technology to create a purpose-specific blockchain solution. As a whole, building on the Cosmos SDK network provides Soar Chain with scalability, interoperability, customizability, security, and a supportive ecosystem, all of which are essential for the success of a blockchain project aiming to transform the mobility and green energy sectors.Scalability: Cosmos SDK is renowned for its scalability solutions, which enable projects like Soar Chain to handle a high volume of transactions and data. This is crucial for a blockchain network like Soar Chain, which aims to support a broad range of applications related to mobility and green energy.

Interoperability: Cosmos SDK is designed to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains within its ecosystem. Soar Chain can leverage this interoperability to connect with other blockchain networks, exchange assets, and collaborate with a wide range of projects, enhancing its utility and versatility.

Customizability: Cosmos SDK provides a flexible framework for building custom blockchains. Soar Chain can tailor its blockchain to suit the specific requirements of the mobility and green energy sectors, ensuring that it meets the unique needs of its target audience.

Security: By building on Cosmos SDK, Soar Chain can benefit from the security features inherent to the Cosmos ecosystem. This includes the security of the Tendermint consensus algorithm, which is known for its robustness and resistance to attacks.

Developer-Friendly: Cosmos SDK offers a developer-friendly environment with a range of tools and resources that make it easier to build and deploy blockchain applications. This can accelerate the development process for Soar Chain's team and foster a thriving developer community.

Community and Ecosystem: By becoming part of the Cosmos ecosystem, Soar Chain gains access to a vibrant and growing community of developers, users, and projects. This can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and increased adoption, helping Soar Chain achieve its goals more effectively.

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Cosmos SDK's focus on interoperability extends to cross-chain compatibility, allowing assets and data to flow seamlessly between different blockchains. This can enhance Soar Chain's ability to connect with other blockchain networks and provide expanded services to its users.

Proof of Stake (PoS): Cosmos SDK supports the PoS consensus mechanism, which is more energy-efficient than traditional Proof of Work (PoW) systems. This aligns with Soar Chain's focus on green energy and sustainability.

Getting Started With Soarchain

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