XDX Exchange Airdrop Guide by Dyl_I_Y earn $XDX and $dyDX

XDX Airdrop Guide

What is XDX and How It is Different TL;DR XDX is the first of its kind decentralized spot and perpetual futures trading protocol where you can trade all of your favorite Cryptocurrencies with up to 50x leverage directly from your wallet!

What to Know!

If you would like to participate and get first access to the XDX Beta, Presale or Private sale, follow the task guide below and complete the required task for each role.

Task 1

1. Get Started on guild.xyz/xdx-exchange
2. Connect your Discord, Wallet + Twitter
3. Join the XDX Discord
Join the XDX Exchange Guild For Airdrop

Member Role:

After Connecting your Ethereum Wallet, you will be granted the member role in the XDX Exchange Discord!XDX Exchange Member role granted

Task 2: GMX Airdrop

Here you will need to hold one of seven tokens in your wallet and you will automatically be airdropped XDX when it launches! See my personal preference below. Depending on if hold $AVAX on Avalance Network or $ETH on Abritrum already, swapping for one of the tokens below may be a bit easier, or more familiar than the others. If you don't hold either and have no tokens, swap through XDX Exchange or use Simple Swap to add funds to one of those networks, without having to use a bridge!
Eligible Tokens:
GMX(Avalanche Network)
GMX(Arbitrum One Network)
esGMX(Avalanche Network)
esGMX(Arbitrum One Network)
sbfGMX(Arbitrum One Network)
fsGLP(Abritrum One Network)
fsGLP(Avalanche Network)
XDX Exchange Airdop Eligible Token ListMy personal choice(based on ease and price) is GLP. You can buy $GLP directly through GMX, along with earn from $AVAX fees from swaps and leverages trading on the platform. Before swapping be sure to go to the XDX referral page and enter code "GIFT" to get fee discounts and earn rebates trough GMX!
XDX Exchange referral program code

Task 3: dydx Airdrop

Here you will need to hold at least 10 $dydx. Depending on the region you are in, you may have more or less options of acquiring $dydx. The two easiest methods that work in all regions are using SimpleSwap, or Uniswap. The biggest value with Simplewap, is you do not connect your wallet to a Dapp, you just select your exchange pair, enter your receiving wallet address, and then send the token you are swapping out to the address their interface provides. With Uniswap, you don't have any minimums, but have to deal with connecting your wallet and direct gas fees for the transaction.
Eligible Tokens:
$dydx(Ethereum Network)
XDX Exchange referral program code
Getting $dydx through SimpleSwap:
Getting $dydx through simpleswapGet $dydx Through SimpleSwapScroll down to use their embeded swap without leaving the page!

Getting $dydx through Uniswap:
Getting $dydx through uniswapGet it $dydx Through Uniswap

Task 4: XDX Presale

Here you will need to hold at least around $500 worth of at least one of nine tokens. The beauty of this step is you can easily acquire or swap for these tokens through XDX Exchange directly!
Eligible Tokens:
0.35 $ETH( Ethereum Network)
25 $AVAX (Avalanche Network)
500 $USDT (Arbitrum One Network)
500 $USDT (Avalanche Network)
500 $USDC ( Ethereum Network)
500 $USDC (Arbitrum One Network)
500 $USDC (Avalanche Network)
500 $USDC.e (Avalanche Network)
500 $USDT.e (Avalanche Network)
XDX Exchange Presale RequirementSwap Through XDX Exchange


imageWhat is GMX: $GMX is the utility and governance token for XDX Exchange that accrues 30% of the XDX Exchange platform's generated fees.
Current Price: $46.67
Supply: 8,370,701
Current Market Cap: $390,668,343
Arbitrum APR: 13.45%
Avalanche APR: 12.97%
imageWhat is GLP: $GLP is the liquidity provider token that accrues 70% of the platform's generated fees.
Current Price: $0.843
Supply: 471,532,535
Current Market Cap: $397,929,125
Arbitrum APR: 21.30% Avalanche APR: 21.01%

XDX Airdrop Guide Complete!

You have completed all of the steps! Stay in the loop on Twitter @Dyl_I_Y to see updates on XDX and future guides and drops from Dyl-I-Y!

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