How To Mine Cardano($ADA) Cryptocurrency Through A Hive OS Mining Rig

Getting started mining Fantom Crypto $FTM how to

Create A Hive OS Mining Account

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Hive OS Getting Started Mining Rig Online for Fantom Foundation Token Mining

Add A New Flight Sheet on Hive

Now that you have set up an account on Hive OS, or logged in, you are good to configure your mining rig to mine any cryptocurrency supported on unMineable.Hive OS Full Flight Sheet Set Up Mining Rig DIY for Fantom Network

Hive unMineable Cardano Mining Wallet Template


Set Up PhoenixMiner Configuration

In "POOL URL" paste the following in bold(DON'T change anything): POOL:, WALLET: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%#qdhx-ntx6, PSW: xHow to set up miner configuration for unmineable for a FTM mining rigPaste the bold above exactly as is, no need to make any changes the values all pulled dynamically by what we set in your wallet, and your rig name will show up on unMineables' website.. Referral code "qdhx-ntx6" will reduce your mining fees from 1% to 0.75%. Your password is "x" by default unless changed.

Add Your Flight Sheet To Your Hive Mining Rig

Within the Hive Admin portal, go to the "Workers" page by clicking on the your farm(Grey box with green or red strip at the top depending on the status of your farm) 2. Click on your rig name, mine being "Dyl-i-Y Rig". 3. On this page you will see "Flight Sheet" to the right of "Overview" 4. After clicking on "Flight Sheet", scroll down to the flight sheet for unMineable that we just created and click the rocket ship icon on the righthand of the screen. 5. You will see a green bar appear at the top of your desktop screen saying "Worker updated successfully". Give it a few minutes to add the new configuration to your mining rig.Hive OS Add Flight Sheet To Your Mining Rig for $FTM

Head Over to unMineable To Check Your Progress

Wait about 5 minutes and then head over to unMineable to see your mining progress. From this page you can see your workers, explore the different coins they support and toggle on "auto Payment" for certain crypto thresholds.

Select the Cryptocurrency You Are Mining(or want to mine)

unMineable Cryptocurrency options to mine guide to mine FTM fantom networkIn this case example we are selecting MATIC, the Polygon Network token, but are configuring this rig to mine $ADA the native token..

Check Your Mining Stats via unMineable

Mine Fantom (FTM) on your mining rig in 5 minutesTo give a brief overview, unMineable enables you to get started mining, even mine traditonally "unmineable" tokens, with no coding knowledge nessiccary. Check out my other guide on how to get started mining on your Mac Laptop in under 3 Minutes. In this case, we are using unmineable to take advantage of our higher hash power our rig provides and mine smaller up and coming crypto currencies or alt-coins as . Similarly, since we are using our hash power from our rig, we are going to keep track of your mining stats, and to be payed out through unMineable, not Hive. All that is entailed in setting up unMineable is selecting the crypto you would like to mine and entering the respective wallet address you would like to be paid out to, and toggle on or off auto payout. As a win win, do make sure to go through a unMineable referral link or input the code "qdhx-ntx6" into macMineable/unMineable to reduce your mining fees from 1% to 0.75%. If you are just getting started with crypto and do not yet have a crypto wallet yet, head over to Getting Started With Crypto and go to the wallet comparison at the bottom.Cardano ADA Mining Status on unMineable

Set Up Tips For Mining on unMineable With Your Hive OS Rig

- Configure Autofan settings for your target GPU temps. If you have AMD Graphic Cards you can also set your MEM Temp, not supported for Nvidia GPUs.(Within the rig specific page on the top bar with the spinning fan Icon)
- Within Autofan set critical temp shut off threshold to power off your rig and avoid damage if there is something not working right
- Integrate Telegram Notifications: Click on your account(top right), Click "Account", Scroll down to "notifications", Configure Telegram or Discord Notifications for monitoring you mining rig.
- Turn on Hashrate watchdog to auto power off your rig if its not preforming(Within the rig specific page on the top bar with the dog Icon)-Turn on Hashrate watchdog to auto power off your rig if its not preforming(Within the rig specific page on the top bar with the dog Icon)
-If you are using a Ledger, check out this guide on getting early access to the Ledger Cardano Ledger Live App

Troubleshooting Mining on unMineable With Your Hive OS Rig

- Double check in your Phoenixminer Configuration that POOL:, WALLET: %WAL%.%WORKER_NAME%#qdhx-ntx6, PSW: x does not have "https://" in the front of it. Depending on how you copy and paste this, you could add this exention to the URL, remove it.

Step by Step Video on how to get started mining any cryptocurrency on your Hive OS Mining Rig:

Ledger Live App(iOS & Android) Now Supports Cardano($ADA)

Ledger App Supports Cadano $ADA Now V3.3
As of the Ledger Live Mobile App v3.3 Update Cardano $ADA is supported!

Send Cardano $ADA:

$ADA Wallet Address: addr1qxansh9ng6lwp730hzys8qcdqj2stsmt9xk6q